2011-09-11 Matthew MondorAlso escape " to "
2011-09-10 Matthew MondorLink to test-httpd.lisp's /chat
2011-09-10 Matthew MondorFix XHTML Transitional conformance bug in /chat
2011-09-09 Matthew MondorNow saves messages of the /chat test application to...
2011-09-09 Matthew MondorFancier directory index
2011-09-09 Matthew MondorAlso escape #\U00A0 to  
2011-09-09 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-09-09 Matthew Mondor- Charset now a keyword symbol rather than a string
2011-09-09 Matthew MondorRestore SO_LINGER and TCP_NODELAY as they weren't the...
2011-09-08 Matthew MondorUpdate example
2011-09-08 Matthew MondorBe more careful to exit upon certain abnormal events
2011-09-08 Matthew Mondor- Make a daemon
2011-09-08 Matthew Mondor- Improve error reports
2011-09-08 Matthew MondorInitial import
2011-09-06 Matthew Mondor- Add notes
2011-09-06 Matthew Mondor- Implement test dynamic method/page dispatching
2011-09-06 Matthew MondorTemporarily disable TCP_NODELAY and NOLINGER in hope...
2011-09-05 Matthew MondorImplemented per-vhost POST maximum size and timeout
2011-09-05 Matthew MondorAdd newline at end of HTML documents
2011-09-05 Matthew MondorAdd SERVER-UPTIME as part of the Server Information...
2011-09-05 Matthew Mondor- Add SERVER-TIME-INTERVAL, export it
2011-09-04 Matthew Mondor- Better directory indexer
2011-09-03 Matthew Mondor- Implemented Keep-Alive
2011-09-03 Matthew MondorAdd CONNECTION-INPUT-TIMEOUT and export it so that...
2011-09-02 Matthew MondorAlso point to source in top paragraphs
2011-09-02 Matthew Mondor- Cleanup by creating the condition for HTTP-REPLY...
2011-09-02 Matthew Mondor- Fix a bug where if multiple content strings were...
2011-09-02 Matthew Mondor- Better HTTP version handling
2011-09-02 Matthew Mondor- Rename :LOG debug option to :LOG-REQ
2011-09-02 Matthew Mondor- Implement simple debug options and make debugging...
2011-09-02 Matthew MondorAdd LOG-LINE-NOSTAMP, useful when user code uses a...
2011-09-01 Matthew Mondor- Rewrote code dealing with default host
2011-09-01 Matthew Mondor- Fix WITH-SOCKET where locking had too large scope
2011-09-01 Matthew Mondor- Implement If-Modified-Since and If-Unmodified-Since...
2011-09-01 Matthew Mondor- Add SERVER-TIME-UNIVERSAL to convert a Unix timestamp...
2011-09-01 Matthew Mondor- Add link to mirror site to test page
2011-09-01 Matthew Mondor- Modify lisp-httpd test URL to current one
2011-09-01 Matthew MondorTake out stray debug LOG-LINE call
2011-09-01 Matthew Mondor- Add TODO list of items to complete
2011-09-01 Matthew Mondor- Export and document *CONNECTION*
2011-09-01 Matthew MondorAdd tools for character range and character classes...
2011-08-30 Matthew MondorAdd lisp-httpd
2011-08-30 Matthew MondorAdd license text
2011-08-30 Matthew MondorLink to source code in test page
2011-08-30 Matthew Mondor- Move UTF-8 related functions to character.lisp
2011-08-30 Matthew MondorInitial import
2011-08-30 Matthew MondorExport *CONNECTION*
2011-08-30 Matthew Mondor- Add debugging notification
2011-08-28 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-28 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-28 Matthew Mondor- Improve logging
2011-08-28 Matthew Mondor- Improve logging
2011-08-27 Matthew MondorAdd DO-HTML-COND
2011-08-27 Matthew MondorAdd BR closing tag for XHTML 1.0 Transitional validation
2011-08-27 Matthew Mondor- Make form data values persistent when resubmitting
2011-08-27 Matthew MondorAdded DO-HTML-IF
2011-08-27 Matthew MondorMany developments towards a real HTTP server
2011-08-27 Matthew MondorAdd *RCSID*
2011-08-27 Matthew Mondor- Add *RCSID*
2011-08-26 Matthew Mondor- Add SPLIT-STRING and SERVER-RFC-TIME-PARSE utilities
2011-08-22 Matthew MondorAvoid potential race conditions by using a per-thread...
2011-08-19 Matthew MondorUse the HTML package
2011-08-19 Matthew Mondor- Add DO-HTML-WHEN and DO-HTML-UNLESS
2011-08-19 Matthew MondorMinor optimization
2011-08-19 Matthew MondorInitial import in server of an HTML template compiler
2011-08-19 Matthew MondorPackage and document
2011-08-19 Matthew MondorInitial import of incomplete, somewhat convoluted test
2011-08-19 Matthew Mondor- Cleanup defining and using LISPP
2011-08-19 Matthew MondorUses a custom compiler no longer using FORMAT, thus...
2011-08-19 Matthew MondorMinor bugfix
2011-08-19 Matthew MondorNow in the form of easy to use general macros from...
2011-08-18 Matthew MondorMore testing
2011-08-18 Matthew MondorAdded XHTML support
2011-08-18 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-17 Matthew MondorMore cleanup and tests
2011-08-17 Matthew MondorRewrote a cleaner implementation, also fixing bugs...
2011-08-17 Matthew MondorInitial import of a test HTML template compiler
2011-08-14 Matthew MondorReimplement LINE-READ using LOOP and add optional MAX...
2011-08-14 Matthew Mondor- Move all setsockopt(2) calls to after accept(2) as...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorRewrite SERVER-STAT to use LOOP
2011-08-13 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-13 Matthew Mondor- Detect empty request
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorAdd STREAM-FD function for user code to obtain FD from...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorRecognize HTTP 0.x GET
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorMinor optimizations
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorClean up TODO list
2011-08-13 Matthew Mondor- Added maximum number of characters allowed per request
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorInvoke user functions for SERVE-FUNCTION and OVERFLOW...
2011-08-13 Matthew Mondor- Implement optimized second-resolution timer access...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorMove back *DEBUGGER-HOOK* binding within the ACCEPT...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorWrote the WITH-LOG-ERRORS macro which is now used for...
2011-08-13 Matthew Mondor- Enhance LOG-LINE and use the new syntax thoughout...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorInitial import of a minimal HTTPD example for ecl-mp...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorFix broken stack trace and funcall
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorInitial import into server
2011-08-12 Matthew MondorMake a library
2011-08-12 Matthew MondorAdded thread pool manager, moved more things to parameters
2011-08-11 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-09 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-09 Matthew MondorInitial import