2011-08-13 Matthew MondorMinor optimizations
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorClean up TODO list
2011-08-13 Matthew Mondor- Added maximum number of characters allowed per request
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorInvoke user functions for SERVE-FUNCTION and OVERFLOW...
2011-08-13 Matthew Mondor- Implement optimized second-resolution timer access...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorMove back *DEBUGGER-HOOK* binding within the ACCEPT...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorWrote the WITH-LOG-ERRORS macro which is now used for...
2011-08-13 Matthew Mondor- Enhance LOG-LINE and use the new syntax thoughout...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorInitial import of a minimal HTTPD example for ecl-mp...
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorFix broken stack trace and funcall
2011-08-13 Matthew MondorInitial import into server
2011-08-12 Matthew MondorMake a library
2011-08-12 Matthew MondorAdded thread pool manager, moved more things to parameters
2011-08-11 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-09 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-09 Matthew MondorInitial import
2011-08-06 Matthew MondorMore useful utilities
2011-08-06 Matthew MondorPortability fix
2011-08-06 Matthew MondorInitial import
2011-08-05 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-05 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-05 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-05 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-02 Matthew MondorAdd various new pkgsrc-2011Q2 PRs
2011-08-01 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-08-01 Matthew MondorMinor changes
2011-07-30 Matthew MondorSET-FINALIZER now in EXT not SI
2011-07-29 Matthew MondorMinor fix
2011-07-28 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-07-28 Matthew MondorAppend SBCL assembly output
2011-07-28 Matthew MondorSecond test, and add description
2011-07-26 Matthew MondorOptimization reated bugfixes
2011-07-26 Matthew MondorBetter optimization for ADDRESS-FIXNUM
2011-07-26 Matthew MondorAdd some optimization macros
2011-07-26 Matthew MondorInitial import
2011-07-26 Matthew MondorVarious enhancements:
2011-07-15 Matthew MondorKW_DONE -> KW_END to match better KW_BEGIN
2011-07-15 Matthew MondorAt least make sure we don't write outside of the suppli...
2011-07-15 Matthew MondorInitial import
2011-07-11 Matthew MondorNew directive needed
2011-07-10 Matthew Mondor- Use new ECL UTF-8 decoding recovery restart if wanted
2011-04-27 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-04-26 Matthew MondorMinor improvements
2011-03-18 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-03-11 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-03-10 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-03-10 Matthew MondorInitial import
2011-03-08 Matthew MondorMinor fix
2011-03-08 Matthew MondorA few safety fixes
2011-03-05 Matthew MondorMore tests
2011-03-04 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-02-27 Matthew MondorAmong other tests, optimize the heaviest function,...
2011-02-27 Matthew MondorCreate a package and export wanted symbols
2011-02-22 Matthew MondorInitial import of a test synthesizer
2011-02-21 Matthew Mondor- Added amplitude envelope to avoid tone transition...
2011-02-11 Matthew MondorDocumentation enhancement.
2011-02-11 Matthew MondorMinor LINE-WRAP fix to avoid sometimes losing the last...
2011-02-10 Matthew MondorLINE-WRAP bugfix, add comments as well
2011-02-09 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-02-09 Matthew MondorImplementation mostly complete and working
2011-02-09 Matthew MondorSpecial accessor macros
2011-02-08 Matthew MondorInitial import of an experimental fast structures imple...
2011-02-08 Matthew MondorMinor non-visible change: ensure that reply() only...
2011-02-08 Matthew MondorMade reply() be supplied a clientenv structure rather...
2011-02-04 Matthew MondorYet another LINE-WRAP minor fix
2011-02-04 Matthew MondorIf in standalone-mode, exit at reception of SIGINT...
2011-02-04 Matthew MondorLINE-WRAP fix
2011-02-01 Matthew MondorMore cleanup and minor bugfix
2011-02-01 Matthew MondorCleanup
2011-01-29 Matthew Mondor- Minor limitrate code optimizations
2011-01-28 Matthew Mondor- Some cleanups
2011-01-26 Matthew Mondor- Added humanized nicknames list in variable-sized...
2011-01-26 Matthew Mondor- Changed path of development test config file
2011-01-26 Matthew MondorWhen nickname is already in use, and we don't have...
2011-01-25 Matthew MondorMinor fixes for better standalone mode
2011-01-24 Matthew MondorInitial import, an idea for easily dealing with invalid...
2011-01-22 Matthew MondorAdded irclog links
2011-01-22 Matthew MondorInitial import; example script to build irclog standalo...
2011-01-22 Matthew Mondor*** empty log message ***
2011-01-22 Matthew Mondor- Minor LINE-PARSE fix
2011-01-22 Matthew MondorUse dynamic scope instead of global scope, i.e. use...
2011-01-22 Matthew Mondor- Minor standalone executable fix (added an EXT:QUIT...
2011-01-21 Matthew MondorMake the logging output stream format (currently *STAND...
2011-01-20 Matthew MondorRewrote yet another implementation of LINE-WRAP, becaus...
2011-01-20 Matthew MondorSome work done on the standalone mode
2011-01-19 Matthew MondorNow logs the IP address of the remote server too
2011-01-19 Matthew MondorFix a bug where resolving errors would leak a socket...
2011-01-19 Matthew MondorLINE-WRAP extra cleanup
2011-01-19 Matthew MondorMinor LINE-WRAP fix
2011-01-19 Matthew MondorRewrote LINE-WRAP to be cleaner and safer.
2011-01-18 Matthew Mondor- Added line wrapping for humanized-output
2011-01-14 Matthew MondorA few fixes to conform to last commit message, was...
2011-01-14 Matthew Mondor- Now sets configurable UMODE
2011-01-13 Matthew Mondor- Yet another line parsing fix
2011-01-13 Matthew MondorFix bug where LINE structure was supplied as USER-COMMA...
2011-01-13 Matthew MondorMore cleanups:
2011-01-13 Matthew Mondor- Short timestamps for humanized mode, also displaying...
2011-01-12 Matthew Mondor- Various code cleanups
2011-01-12 Matthew MondorFix humanized output to gracefully deal with very short...
2011-01-12 Matthew Mondor- Humanize WHO responses