2020-05-21 Matthew MondorMMMail: Add optional support to match client host with... master
2020-05-03 Matthew Mondormmftpd:
2020-04-29 Matthew Mondormmmail: mmsmtpd: allow '+' in FROM/envelope email addresses
2020-04-15 Matthew Mondormmmail: mmsmtpd: fix logline
2020-04-15 Matthew Mondormmmail: Add log level to mmsmtpd: 4 used to be full...
2020-04-14 Matthew Mondormmmail: Improve logging
2020-04-14 Matthew Mondormmmail: Add comment to mmsmtpd.c about performance
2020-04-14 Matthew MondorMerge branch 'master' of /home/data/git/public/mmondor
2020-04-14 Matthew Mondormmmail:
2019-12-02 Matthew MondorExport more lyx -> tex
2019-12-02 Matthew MondorXisop: Dropping LyX, exported tex and updated pdf
2019-05-20 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat: replace some variables by literal constants
2019-05-20 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat: include own int parser implementation for...
2019-04-15 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat: Minor optimizations
2019-04-14 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat.c: remove some long command related redundancy
2019-04-14 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat.*:
2019-04-14 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat.*:
2019-04-10 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat.*: simplify long command processing, only...
2019-04-10 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat.*: AT_STANDARD -> AT_BASIC
2019-04-10 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat.c: and " in long commands
2019-04-10 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat.c: support a few more chars in long commands...
2019-04-10 Matthew Mondormmlib/mmat.* - add license terms
2019-04-10 Matthew Mondormmlib: add mmat, an AT/Hayest command set parser for...
2019-02-27 Matthew MondorAdd simple SPI bus software simulation/example
2018-03-23 Matthew MondorFix tests/nonet/
2018-03-10 Matthew Mondortests/bktr_multicast: fix obvious but important README...
2017-11-16 Matthew MondorInitial commit of fastrandom library
2017-03-08 Matthew Mondornetbsd/pr.txt: update
2017-03-08 Matthew Mondortests/sdl-joystick/: minor cleanup
2017-03-07 Matthew Mondortests: added sdl-joystick, an analog joystick test
2017-02-11 Matthew Mondorutils: import S.M.A.R.T. statistics monitor script...
2017-02-11 Matthew Mondorirssi: update
2017-01-08 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update pr.txt
2016-11-26 Matthew Mondorutil: update to use unbuffered dd+cat rather...
2016-11-26 Matthew Mondorutil: add append support to
2016-11-26 Matthew Mondorutil: update comments
2016-11-23 Matthew MondorXisop: export old lyx documentation to pdf too
2016-11-12 Matthew Mondorutil: enhance handle SIGCHLD to respawn...
2016-11-12 Matthew Mondorutil: add to wrap tcpdump(8) and support...
2016-10-31 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update about bozohttpd
2016-10-26 Matthew MondorNetBSD: Update netbsd_improvements.txt
2016-10-16 Matthew Mondorsymbol-game3.lisp: fix the GO command
2016-10-15 Matthew MondorUpdate symbol-game3 for telnet and add build script
2016-09-30 Matthew MondorNetBSD: update netbsd_improvements.txt
2016-09-30 Matthew MondorNetBSD: update pt.txt
2016-09-15 Matthew Mondortests/nonet: minor cleanups
2016-09-15 Matthew MondorAdd tests/nonet, a preloadable library overriding netwo...
2016-09-13 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update netbsd_improvements.txt
2016-09-13 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update netbsd-improvements.txt about kauth
2016-09-07 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update pr.txt
2016-09-05 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update pr.txt
2016-09-01 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update netbsd_improvements.txt about systrace...
2016-08-29 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update pr.txt
2016-08-29 Matthew Mondormmsendmail: update copyright and license
2016-08-29 Matthew Mondormmsendmail: improve logging and its consistency
2016-08-29 Matthew Mondormmsendmail: adapt to also simulate "sendmail -t -i"
2016-08-26 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update netbsd_improvements.txt about libcurl
2016-08-26 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update netbsd_improvements.txt about security...
2016-08-26 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update netbsd_improvements.txt about "whole...
2016-08-24 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update pr.txt
2016-08-22 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update pr.txt
2016-08-22 Matthew Mondorcrow-httpd: git rid if broken comment in httpd.lisp
2016-08-22 Matthew Mondorcrow-httpd: use progn in GNUMakefile to restore standal...
2016-08-22 Matthew Mondorcrow-httpd: switch from CVS RCSID to GIT revision for...
2016-08-20 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update pr.txt
2016-08-20 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update pr.txt
2016-08-14 Matthew Mondormmsoftware/util/throttle.c: fix a few compiler warnings
2016-08-14 Matthew Mondormmsoftware/stringtest: adapt to recent mmlib/mmstring...
2016-08-14 Matthew Mondormmsoftware/mmsucomd: update for mmlib/mmstring changes
2016-08-14 Matthew Mondormmsoftware: update mmlib/mmheap mmlib/mmserver2 and...
2016-08-14 Matthew Mondormmsoftware/mmsendmail: adapt for recent mmlib/mmstring...
2016-08-14 Matthew Mondormmsoftware/mmpasswd: fix for recent mmlib/mmstring...
2016-08-14 Matthew Mondormmsoftware/mmanoncvs: update according to new mmlib...
2016-08-14 Matthew Mondormmsoftware/apache-mmstat: adapt to new mmlib/mmstring...
2016-08-13 Matthew Mondormmsoftware: Re-port to 64-bit
2016-08-07 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update pr.txt
2016-08-02 Matthew Mondornetbsd/pr.txt: update
2016-07-04 Matthew Mondornetbsd/netbsd_improvements.txt: netmap(4)
2016-06-29 Matthew Mondornetbsd/netbsd_improvements.txt: update
2016-06-28 Matthew Mondornetbsd/netbsd_improvements.txt:
2016-06-01 Matthew MondorUpdate netbsd/pr.txt
2016-05-31 Matthew Mondornetbsd/pr.txt: update
2016-05-01 Matthew MondorNetBSD: update pr.txt
2016-04-20 Matthew Mondorutil: add script
2016-04-07 Matthew Mondortests/seqevents: Example sequencial events callback...
2016-03-25 Matthew Mondornetbsd/ update TODO notes
2016-03-25 Matthew Mondornetbsd/ update TODO notes
2016-03-25 Matthew Mondornetbsd/ update some TODO notes
2015-12-04 Matthew Mondormmftpd: Minor fixes to build with glibc again
2015-12-01 Matthew Mondornetbsd: update netbsd_improvements.txt
2015-10-29 Matthew Mondornetbsd/pr.txt: security/50379: Error in NetBSD-SA2015...
2015-10-19 Matthew Mondornetbsd: ARMv6+ page-granularity NX bit
2015-10-14 Matthew Mondornetbsd: possible TRIM improvements
2015-10-14 Matthew Mondornetbsd: pr and improvement notes
2015-09-29 Matthew Mondormmsoftware/util/rlimit: add logging to /var/run/rlimit.log
2015-09-27 Matthew Mondornetbsd_improvements.txt: more sysctl related notes
2015-09-26 Matthew Mondornetbsd/pr.txt: add compat-32 related issues together
2015-09-25 Matthew MondorUpdate note about silently failing sysctl
2015-09-24 Matthew MondorNetBSD compat-32: note vipw/useradd segfaults
2015-09-21 Matthew Mondornetbsd/netbsd_improvements.txt: on BozoHTTPd logging