Support dynamic-only virtual hosts by supplying NIL for a VHOST's ROOT.
[mmondor.git] / mmsoftware / cl / server / httpd.lisp
2012-09-19 Matthew MondorSupport dynamic-only virtual hosts by supplying NIL...
2012-09-19 Matthew MondorUpdate TODO list
2012-09-18 Matthew MondorFix recently introduced bug in HTTP-REPLY-SEND
2012-09-18 Matthew Mondor- Export some functions and dynamic variables where...
2012-09-15 Matthew MondorOther optimizations:
2012-09-14 Matthew Mondor- The HTTP server name is now "Crow"
2012-09-13 Matthew Mondor- Add the HTTP-REPLY-CODE-SET function for the common...
2012-09-12 Matthew MondorRemove obsolete TODO comment
2012-09-12 Matthew MondorCleanup of FILE-SEND-RANGES
2012-09-12 Matthew MondorRenamed FILE-TRANSFER-FULL and FILE-TRANSFER-RANGES...
2012-09-12 Matthew MondorRestructured FILE-TRANSFER-RANGES to be able to calcula...
2012-09-12 Matthew Mondor- Cleanup moving full and partial file transfer code...
2012-09-11 Matthew MondorFix a compiling warning caused by an extra IF with...
2012-09-11 Matthew Mondor- Minor Range related offset fixes
2012-09-10 Matthew MondorRange related fixes
2012-09-10 Matthew Mondor- Update comments
2012-09-10 Matthew MondorFix a typo
2012-09-10 Matthew Mondor- Reworked the HTTP-REPLY object. Notably, the headers...
2012-09-03 Matthew MondorMore minor "/test" page modifications
2012-09-03 Matthew MondorRework the "/test" page
2012-09-03 Matthew MondorClean up HANDLER-CASE in HTTP-DYNAMIC-DISPATCH
2012-09-03 Matthew MondorBetter error handling and reporting
2012-08-30 Matthew Mondor- Added optional support for the HTTPd to load SWANK...
2012-08-28 Matthew MondorExport the WITH-HTTP-LET macro.
2012-08-27 Matthew MondorMore standalone-mode fixes
2012-08-27 Matthew MondorVarious fixes related to standalone mode
2012-08-27 Matthew MondorBugfixes in relation to the recent reorganization
2012-08-27 Matthew Mondor- Replaced test-httpd.lisp by httpd.lisp