Pulsar-Zone public Git repositories

To clone or pull from these public Git repositories using SSH:
 $ git clone ssh://anongit@git.pulsar-zone.net:2222/git/<repository-name>[.git] [<repository-dir>]

Ensure that the RSA key fingerprint for the IP address 206⋅248⋅143⋅74 is a7:11:8e:55:95:42:79:66:a0:5d:f1:35:a1:4d:d5:de or SHA256:6EUDcc0VwZit2pkzDPWKminCIkCyzusvgY1Pprlsq3A to avoid MITM attacks.

Source archives can also be downloaded through this gitweb HTTP frontend.

It is not possible to push changes to these read-only mirrors through these uprivileged public interfaces.

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Repository Description Owner Last Change
ecl.git Embeddable Common Lisp (Official: https://gitlab.com/embeddable-common-lisp/ecl) Charlie & 4 years ago
mmondor.git MMSoftware Charlie & 7 weeks ago
rubiks-ircd.git Rubiks IRCd, based on Bahamut Charlie & 3 years ago